custom cowboy hatsHatmakers typically use the X-system to rate the quality of their hats. In general, the higher the number of Xs assigned to the hat, the better the quality is. This system can be slightly misleading, however, since there is no standard set among hatmakers. For instance, one hatmaker’s 100X hat may be equal in quality to another’s 300X.

The real difference lies in the amount of beaver fur used to make the felt. Beaver fur has a softer feel than other natural furs and can be packed more densely within the body of the hat. With more fibers per square inch, the felt can be made lighter and thinner than hat bodies made from other furs while retaining its firmness or “body.” The more beaver fur used to make a hat, the smoother the finish, creating a luxurious feeling felt with no compromise in durability or body.

Here at Montana Peaks Hat Company we offer a variety of hats to meet your needs and desires. At least half of our 50X hat is beaver fur. The beaver fur is blended with other natural furs to create a beautiful, yet less expensive, hat body. Our 100X is made of 100% pure beaver fur resulting in a beautiful, lightweight hat durable enough to handle any kind of weather. Absolutely no wool is used to make our hats!