cowboy hat made in the usaOur hats are all handmade and custom built to your specifications. We use only the finest materials: genuine leather sweatbands, satin liners, and 100% beaver fur felt. Absolutely no wool is used in our hats as wool tends to shrink when wet. The colors are created using a dye that is guaranteed not to run so you don’t have to worry about a little rain.

Because we linger over every detail, you will be as proud to wear your hat as we are to make it. You may choose one of our popular styles and use our design or change the details to fit your style. If you are looking for something truly unique, give us your own design, and we will build it to your exacting standards. Each hat comes standard with a 2-ply ribbon hatband, but you can choose to customize your hat with any of our available accessories .

Proud to be 100% Made in the USA!